Technology and Social Media

Social media had adversely impacted the lives of people in a myriad of ways. It had changed the old perception of people related to it.  Moreover, have you ever pondered upon the influence of technology on social media? Technology had changed the lives of the people across world-wide and had thus strong influence on social media.

Changed time notions

Changed time notions is one of the technology’s impact on social media. The messages can be sent and received easily within a less time period.

Summary: (People’s lives had become easier with usage of technology).

Braked geographical notions

Furthermore, technology had braked down the notions of geography by providing various tools.

Summary: (Usage of technology brakes geographical gaps).

Changed conceptions

Furthermost notions changed due to usage of technology.

Summary: (Technology changes people’s perceptions).

Impacted social interactions

Technology had impacted social interactions among various groups of people in the society. About eighty five percent of social media sites are used by students.

Way of living

Similarly, it has further impacted the lives of people and in turn their way of living. Technology is directly related to social media. Life had become easier with the availability of the internet facilities and many other things. Now people can easily communicate with each other.

Summary: (We can improve way of living by usage of technology).

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