Impacts Of COVID-19 On Companies

In, the present scenario the COVID-19 pandemic can completely lead to an unprecedented increase in the number of people working from their homes rather than from their offices as a result of its rise on the peak across many regions of the world. Remote work has been made easier with the advancements in the field of information technology and innovation. With, the easy accessibility to modern information technology, people find it easier and comfortable working from their homes rather than from their offices by incorporating the use of online modern technology. The pandemic has completely altered the working patterns of the big and renowned companies as they had to resort to remote working and had to shut down their companies. As a result of it, the workers are not ready to return to their offices and work from there as they had become used to the work from their homes and this has further halted the businesses of the famous entrepreneurs.

Remote Working

The unexpected increase in remote working has created multifarious problems, however, the invention of effective tools in the field of information technology and innovation like; Slack, Zoom, Microsoft and many others are offering numerous beneficial services which are free of cost and hence has made the lives of the people easier. Employees can easily work from their homes by the incorporation of these tools in their works. Big companies, were the ones that embraced remote working by providing their employees access to critical and effective tools so that, they could be able to work from their homes easily.

Summary (Due, to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now resorting to the work from their homes rather than from their offices, as a result of it the working patterns have been shifted).

Shifts In Working Patterns

The pandemic has altered the working patterns of many big organizations and companies across many regions of the world and which is described in the detail below one by one. The shifts are completely unexpected. Good and effective regulatory steps should be taken into account to get rid of the shifts in the working patterns of the various companies and organizations which has resulted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summary (The, working patterns of the numerous big and renowned companies have altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic as people are now making use of the new modern technology tools).

In Seattle

In Seattle, the working place of the American’s, many companies including Amazon, Linked In, Microsoft and Google restricted the entry of their employees at the workplace due to the COVID-19 pandemic and advised them to carry out their works from their homes rather than from their offices and the, same was done by the Twitter’s head. But this had made many companies think out of the box that after the COVID-19 pandemic, it would become difficult for their employees to return to their work from the offices rather than from their homes.

Summary (The, pandemic has seriously halted the productivity of the businesses in Seattle and now, the employees don’t want to work from their offices).

In Tumblr

The pandemic also shifted the working patterns of a big and renowned company named, “Tumblr”. It’s, owner Matt Mullenweg is reported to have said, “Due, to the pandemic this was not how I, dreamed off at the distribution of the work like resorting to the remote working instead from the workplaces”. He is also the chief executive of the Word Press and he further added that the shifts in the working patterns are seriously very alarming and had created hindrance in the way of the productivity of its company. His, company already predicted the changes which could result as a result of the embracing of the remote working like; inflexibility in the working hours.

Summary (In, the Tumblr the company is already distributed which has further halted their business and other marketing strategies).

Remote Working Tools

Various beneficial and effective tools are used for remote working like; Slack and Trello. Both tools are used by employees for carrying out their works from their homes. Slack is a workplace management tool while Trello is used to check the progress of the work.

Summary (Many effective tools are used by the employees for remote working and which provides multifarious benefits to them).

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